New from summer 2013: Center Parcs Park Bostalsee

Follow the construction of our brand new park in hilly Saarland, Southwest Germany, here: from the architect’s plans to the laying of the last stone.

Center Parcs is building a brand new park

Center Parcs is building a brand new park in Saarland, in southwest Germany

Nature, water and the opportunity to be either amazingly active or deliciously relaxed in hilly Saarland in southwest Germany: Center Parcs saw the region’s potential for its guests. Center Parcs is currently building the brand new Park Bostalsee that will be situated in the immediate vicinity of a large watersports lake. Complete with its sandy beach!

But Saarland has even more to offer. Nature lovers can enjoy the protected countryside. Culture fans can travel to Trier (Germany’s oldest town!) or Saarbrücken in no time. And anyone who prefers to stay within the park’s limits can enjoy sunbathing on the lake’s shores, surfing, swimming, sailing, cycling, walking or fishing. Park Bostalsee will of course offer everything you’ve come to expect from Center Parcs, such as a splashing Aqua Mundo and a cosy Market Dome, right on the edge of the lake.

Keep an eye on this website for more news about this beautiful German park.

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